Mission Statement    



The Modbury Cricket Club will encourage and foster the game of cricket by

  • providing a safe, structured environment for players to enjoy their cricket;
  • planning and providing the appropriate facilities and equipment;
  • making every endeavour to develop the skills of players, officials and administrators; and
  • providing enjoyment and fellowship for its members through social functions.


To have the facilities, players, administration capabilities and financial support to compete in the highest levels of cricket available.


To ensure that every person, including players of all experience and ability, has the opportunity to play and become involved in the game of cricket in a fully structured, organised and resourced club environment.







To encourage and develop players, administrators and officials to reach their full potential.


Standard of Competition


  • To qualify for inclusion in ATCA’s Premier Grade. 
  • To support this goal by ensuring the appropriate depth and development of players is available within the Club


Junior Cricket Development


To provide junior players with an opportunity to succeed in line with their own desires and successfully make the transition to Modbury Senior Teams, should they desire to do so.




To provide and develop the best possible home ground facilities for our members; including turf wickets, oval, practice nets and clubrooms.




To develop administration practices that promotes the ethos of continuous improvement and adds value to a successful club environment.




To maintain a balanced operating budget that seeks to achieve the club's mission statement and goals.