Heat Policy


Senior Grades

The ATCA Heat Policy as it relates to the senior competition is implemented when the forecast temperature of the day is recorded at 40 degrees or greater. Play will proceed with restrictions in the A1 Premier to B1 Grades and in relation to all other senior grades play will be cancelled for the day.

Complete abandonment of the competition will take place at 42 degrees.


Under 17

The Emergency Commitee shall have the power to cancel play in all U/17 scheduled two day matches on either of the playing days that at 9.00am the forcasted temperature for the day is recorded at 38 degrees or more.

Where the ATCA has programmed a one day match and the forcasted temperature at 9.00am is recorded at 38 or 39 degrees the following special playing conditions apply. The match will proceed as a T20 match with full match and bonus points using the special T20 competition bylaws.
Complete adandonment of the competition, as it relates to the implementation of the special conditions pertaining to a one day match will take place at 40 degrees.


Under 15

The Emergency Committee shall have the power to cancel play in all U/15 matches on any playing day that at 9.00am the forecasted temperature for the day will exceed 38°C or more.


Under 13, 11 & 9

All teams will abide by the Bureau of Meteorology forcast for match as announced on the 6pm news on the day preceding the game.
If the forcast temperature for match day is 38 degrees Celsius or above all matches are cancelled.

A message will be placed on the NEJCA website from 7.30pm on the evening confirming the cancellation.