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Batting Partnerships

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190 Aaron Summerton - James Gambell Modbury Cricket ClubLO Division 37 1 Flinders University
294 Steven Canala - william Marschallek Modbury Cricket ClubB1 Grade5 1 Grange
388 Matthew McArthur - Hudson Jelly Modbury Cricket ClubU14 - Grading Div 24 1 Athelstone
466 Ryan Taylor - Daryl Carter Modbury Cricket ClubLO 12 1 Two Wells "A"
569 Scott Sullivan - Alex Wood Modbury Cricket ClubLO 14 1 Para Vista "A"
647 Corey Barrett - Brayden Nicol Modbury Cricket ClubSportscentre A3 Grade4 1 Brighton
760 Daniel Lawson - Owen Hirons Modbury Cricket ClubSportscentre A3 Grade1 1 Pembroke OS
829 Gaurav Kumar - Lachlan McPherson Modbury Cricket ClubLO 19 1 Two Wells "A"
927 Owen Hirons - cooper elphick Modbury Cricket ClubSportscentre A3 Grade2 1 Ingle Farm
1040 Owen Hirons - Isaac Radan Modbury Cricket ClubSportscentre A3 Grade5 1 Goodwood

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