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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112678341015310363496033126*Cody B SmithModbury2020/2021Under 16 North Division 2 (Standard Rules)6 1Gepps Cross (2)
210310651315310363456028103*Matthew L FogdenModbury2020/2021Sportscentre A2 Grade1 1Woodville Rechabite
310378341015310363496030103*Cody B SmithModbury2020/2021Under 16 North Division 2 (Standard Rules)5 2Athelstone
4896027031531036345603389Jason D McNallyModbury2020/2021Sportscentre A2 Grade2 1Payneham
5728186011531036349606972Tyler LathamModbury2020/2021Under 18 Division 11 1Hope Valley
6704421411531036345605270*Peter C DickerModbury2020/2021Sportscentre A2 Grade5 1SHOC
7674421411531036345557667*Peter C DickerModbury2020/2021ISC Teamwear LO Division 310 1Panorama
8662113951531036345554166Aaron SummertonModbury2020/2021ISC Teamwear LO Division 34 1Woodville South
9651165401531036345555465*Bradley BarrettModbury2020/2021ISC Teamwear LO Division 37 1Gepps Cross
106210777131531036345556862*Cooper ElphickModbury2020/2021ISC Teamwear LO Division 39 1Flinders University
11601064901531036345605260Alex WoodModbury2020/2021Sportscentre A2 Grade5 1SHOC
12596377201531036345556359Nathan J MaunderModbury2020/2021ISC Teamwear LO Division 38 1Grange
13576213911531036347654657James GambellModbury (2)2020/2021O'Neills Sports Division 2 Group 53 1Old Ignatians (2)
14579887441531036349609457*Benjamin L AppletonModbury2020/2021Under 18 Division 15 2Hectorville
155516499251531036364471655Michael A SheppardModbury2020/2021ISC Teamwear LO Division 62 1Glenunga
16537834101531036349602053Cody B SmithModbury2020/2021Under 16 North Division 2 (Standard Rules)3 1Hope Valley
175210283111531036349602052Alex BennyModbury2020/2021Under 16 North Division 2 (Standard Rules)3 1Hope Valley
18521060861531036345605252Corey L BarrettModbury2020/2021Sportscentre A2 Grade5 1SHOC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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